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One of the Gallery Partners or Artists-in-Residence will feature one of their own images with a short photo essay. The only rule is that the text has to start with the words
"My image ........"

All images copyright by the individual photographers, all rights reserved. 

Angles & Planes by Dan Neuberger 
July 2008
Angles & Planes
by Dan Neuberger

My Image
, "Angles & Planes", is currently the favorite among my images. It was taken on the incredible island of Santorini, about an hour's flight south of Athens. This volcanic island is a paradise, especially for photographers. Having said that, I think that given a half way decent camera, even a chimpanzee would come out with great pictures of that wonderfully photogenic island. Many years ago, a gallery director asked me to describe my work with one adjective....after some deep thinking (which some friends consider me incapable of ), I came up with UNCLUTTERED. Some of these so-called friends  have seen my house, and got a big kick out of this description, as near the entrance is a sign proclaiming AN UNCLUTTERED HOUSE IS A SIGN OF A MISSPENT LIFE.....  and my life has been anything but misspent !.  I think what makes it so appealing to me is that it is very simple, with no extraneous elements, graphic, has a wonderful tonal scale,  good composition, nice texture, and  is black-and-white ( a medium I am not as proficient in as color). This image was recently part of a Print Club of Rochester exhibit at the Arts and Cultural Council.
Big Sur with Pompas Grass by Phyllis Thompson

July 2008
Big Sur with Pampas Grass
by Phyllis Thompson

My Image was taken shortly after sunrise near Lucia in the Big Sur area of Route 1 between San Francisco and Los Angeles. This was one of my first exhibiting images taken with my Hasselblad X-Pan panoramic camera. The photograph was taken shortly after sunrise, and I was inspired not only by the pampas grass in the foreground but also by the fog rising over the distant hills and by the waves as they rushed toward the shoreline below. Distant landscapes, shorelines, and tall trees are a few examples of scenes which lend themselves to panoramic images. When approaching a scene, I often try to visualize it from a panoramic perspective before deciding on my point of view.

Mercury and Wings II by Sheridan Vincent 

June 2008
Mercury and Wings II

by Sheridan Vincent


My Image, "Mercury and Wings II" combines two iconic features of Rochester's skyline. I first saw the possibility while driving on an upper floor of the parking ramp on South Avenue when I saw Mercury atop the Lawyers Cooperative Extension building pass in front of the Wings of the Times Square Building. Although they are a couple of blocks apart, a long-lens perspective brings them together with careful positioning in what I thought was an interesting juxtaposition. I have shot it twice, catching a moment in the second attempt with a morning-sunrise lighting against a darkened sky and approaching rain shower. The contrast of the human form of the Mercury statue and the intricate structure of the Wings opened up by the lighting enhance my appreciation of the past artists who can inspire us yet today. To credit them, the sculptor for Mercury was J. Guernsey Mitchell who produced it in 1881 and the architect for the "Wings of Progress" was Ralph T. Walker completed in 1930.


copyright David Perlman

April 2008
Knight Launcher

by David Perlman


My image, "Knight Launcher", is an example of the kind of creative work that I enjoy most. I love combining photographs and manipulating them in Photoshop to obtain partially planned and usually unexpected results. Most often, I have absolutely no idea of what the outcome will be... I start playing around with images, with nothing particular in mind. However, each step in the process makes me think of some other photograph that I've stored in my computer and some weird way of using it. I find this type of "play" extremely stimulating and it is the exact opposite of over zealous strategic planning processes that I hate!

Click for more explanation at my website on how I composed the composite image and see the individual images that were used to make up the composite.



March 2008
Storm Waves

by Bill Bernbeck


My image, “Storm Waves”, is from my Walkabout Journal.

Rain and wind beat the island mercilessly during the night and most of the next day.  It was not a major gale by most standards, but it was enough to encourage one to stay indoors. The storm finally broke by late afternoon, and the sun started to make a meek appearance through the scattering clouds.  I had been cooped inside long enough, so I ventured to watch the remaining light of day at one of the south shore beaches. Pack up the camera gear and head for Surfside… Click for more of the story in my Walkabout Journal.

February 2008

by Betsy Phillips

My image, “CHEX,” exemplifies my enthusiasm for urban scenes. It is about color, pattern, design and composition, along with a little mystery. Actually, it is the very ordinary storefront of an auto parts store in Phoenix, AZ. What makes it special is the late afternoon sun and resulting intense, exotic colors. The dark blacks and the addition of the palm trees add a sense of mystery. The palms are merely a reflection from across the street. The oversized undulating checkerboard pattern mixed with the intense colors adds playfulness. I often search for bright colors, reflections and interesting juxtapositions, and found these in the magic light of late afternoon. Not a soul was around. The Image rings true to a favorite quote by Minor White: “Spirit waits for the photographer it has chosen.”


See more in my upcoming show “URBAN ARTifacts” at Image City, March 26-April 20, with the opening reception on Friday, March 28, 5-8:30PM.

January 2008
TV Civilization
by Daniel Crozet

My image is, in fact, a test that that I did when I received a new pinhole camera last year. The objective was to test the camera when taking pictures in low light. But during the exposure 45 minutes is a long time, it appeared to me that I was shooting a picture that illustrates what I call the "TV Civilization", the ascendancy of television in today life: the TV set is on in an empty room, the doors giving access to the outdoor are closed, the image on the screen is blurred (we see so many images each day and we memorize so few) 


I scanned the image and treated it in Photoshop to get the flavor of the pictures of the 50's when the TV started to take its space in our life.



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