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Gallery Partners have chosen our "Picks of the Show"
by the Guest Photographers

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All images copyright by the individual photographers

Waratah #1 by Dennis Adams

Waratah #1
by Dennis Adams
25x33-in, $325

At first glance, it’s an abstract with vivid colors and interesting textures. But looking more closely (with reality in mind), we can see that it’s actually a stream of water flowing over sand. It’s an everyday kind of subject, but Dennis has brought it to life and transformed it in a dramatic and very beautiful way. Now it is more than a flowing stream – the colors, themselves flow, wandering through the center of the image with soft colorful structures. At either side the texture is static and sand-like and the pink and orange seem to hold the yellows and greens of the flowing center. The blues lend themselves to the color spectrum and bring the openness of sky and the depth of the sea.  When looking at the whole, one can imagine an intricate photograph from thousands of feet above. Or perhaps it’s a figure rising and stretching to the sky. In the end, it’s our eyes and minds that bring meaning.  Dennis presents us with an image that has color, structure, depth and an almost three-dimensional quality open for us to experience. A joy to see, a feast for the imagination. 


Kiss Me by Peter Blackwood

Kiss Me
by Peter Blackwood
11x21-in, $130

This eye-catching Gallery Pick photograph of a frog swimming in a body of water effectively captures Peter Blackwood’s talent as a wildlife photographer. The bright colors of the frog’s face, contrasted against the muted grey tones of the water, immediately grabs the attention of the viewer. An added bonus is the reflection of the frog captured in the water. The flowing curve of the shadow on the water leads effortlessly as it works its way towards the bright, sharp eye. From there the viewer can absorb the expression on the subject’s face as the bubbles gather between its mouth and reflection. Peter’s image is cropped with the right amount of space on the left for the frog to swim into. Taken at a low angle, Peter was able to capture the frog’s face pointing towards the viewer. Peter’s title, Kiss Me, provides a humorous addition to the story being told in the image.  Peter has taken a subject that one might pass by without noticing, but his love of the outdoors is clearly illustrated in this Gallery Pick.


Sand, Water, Sky by Flor Crosta

Sand, Water, Sky
by Flor Crosta
16x22-in, $150

This photograph is a wonderful example of “minimalism”. This is an artistic school that emphasizes extreme simplification of form, as by the use of basic shapes and monochromatic palettes of primary colors, objectivity, and anonymity of style.

Many “traditional” landscapes literally fill the frame of the photograph, from corner to corner. This image has the sky filling almost 75% of the composition, with only the sand and the ocean the lower parts. 

The photo draws you in, focusing on the lower portions, with its muted colors and what looks like swimmers in the water. The sky balances the main subject and provides a feeling of grounding to the beach and ocean.

It is a very effective example of a minimalistic landscape, providing the viewer with a visual experience which they can enjoy looking at for more than just a “quick glance”, engaging them for a strong visual experience.

Baiser Sur Les Toits by James Christopher Knight


Baiser Sur Les Toits
by James Christopher Knight
22x22-in, $547,(Print Only, $247)

James is a new photographer with Image City. His eclectic exhibition Paris Love Affair comprises photos of Paris, lovely soft abstracts, and one of Rochester. James receives a Gallery Pick for Baiser Sur Les Toits. Translated in English, Kiss on the Rooftops, is indicative of the main theme of his work as he explains in his description. James places the Eiffel Tower in the top left power third of the photo as it may also be seen from almost every corner of Paris. Everything is sharp in the image with a definite foreground, and middle ground contrasting the softer sky in the background. The multiple angles and leading lines allow your eyes to wander around the image, without losing sight of the Tower. The multiple rows and angles of orange chimney tops match nicely with the sky that serves as an excellent counterbalance in the image and brings all the elements together. A fitting testament to his personal love affair, this collection is marvelous. Thanks, James for joining us at Image City and sharing your personal love affair.


White Horse Bronc Rider by Tom Kredo

White Horse Bronc Rider
by Tom Kredo
18x24-in, $150

Tom’s first rodeo resulted in some spectacular photos capturing fantastic action shots of a sport where everything happens so quickly. White Horse Bronc Rider is my favorite of the set Tom provided us. There are others that also tell the story of the rodeo, but this photo captures one of those moments in the ride that is personal between the rider and the horse he’s on. Tom captures the precise moment the horse is airborne and at the pinnacle of his effort to dislodge the irritant on his back. All four of the horse’s feet, as well as his head, are converging beneath him creating a powerful arch in his back pitching the rider forward. The undetermined next few seconds is the mystery that makes this photo work. Is the rider thrown off or does he remain in his saddle? Both the rider and the beast he is on are determined to accomplish their task. While we know there is an audience to this event, these two are so focused on their mission it doesn’t matter to them, and Tom has left them out of the image because at this point it is irrelevant. Tom has allowed us to feel the power in this struggle and we can almost hear each of them grunting in their effort to succeed and that is why this photo is so successful. Thanks for sharing this moment with us Tom.


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