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Preview of the Show

Another Rochester


 Dick Bennett


July 12 - August 7, 2022

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All images copyright by the individual photographers

St. Josephs by Dick Bennett
St. Josephs
Dick Bennett

Sunset on Mercury by Dick Bennett
Sunset on Mercury
Dick Bennett

Frederick Douglass at Mount Hope by Dick Bennett
Frederick Douglass at Mount Hope
Dick Bennett
Día-de-los-Muertos---The-Prayer by Steve Dent
Steve Dent
Egg and Forks by Joyce Pearson
Egg and Forks
Joyce Pearson
Sunflowers and Sky by Lisa Cook
Sunflowers and Sky
Lisa Cook
Gold Spotted Silver by Lee Ingraham
Gold Spotted Silver
Lee Ingraham

Mid-Stream Moment by Dan Klein
Mid-Stream Moment
Dan Klein

Reflection by Luann Pero
Luann Pero
Anastasia by Peter Bilous
Peter Bilous

Chess at the Gladstone by Don Menges
Chess at the Gladstone
Don Menges

Buckland Lichen #5 by Dennis Adams
Buckland Lichen #5
Dennis Adams

Mermaid Parade by Dede Hartung
Mermaid Parade
Dede Hartung
Summer on Moose River by Marie Costanza
Summer on Moose River
Marie Costanza

Lovely Pole Dancer by Patricia Fitzpatrick
Lovely Poledancer
Patricia Fitzpatrick
  Dinosaur's Windmill 2005 by Sheridan Vincent
Dinosaur's Windmill 2005
Sheridan Vincent

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