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Gallery Picks of the Show


May 17 - June 12, 2022

Gallery Partners have chosen our "Picks of the Show"
by Guest Photographers

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All images copyright by the individual photographers

Lobster Buoys by Gayland Arnold

Lobster Buoys
by Gaylon Arnold

Gaylon joins us with a collection of superb photographs representing his photographic talents of more than 40-years ago that were produced as CIBACHROME prints, known for their brilliant color and extreme archival properties. The materials to make prints by this method are no longer available to produce photographs from EKTACHROME or KODACHROME films. CIBACHROME prints are sought after by photograph collectors given their durability and rarity.

Gaylon’s selection of photographs demonstrate his wide range of interests including landscape, macro, and figure study, all exquisitely shown. We can tell that he favored the color red, that is still brilliant after so many years.

Lobster Buoys captures that brilliance with a composition and striking color; a bit abstract that would be familiar on the coast of New England, but unusual to most. Does anyone else see the close similarity to the Kodak red and Kodak yellow packaging? Perhaps we are attracted with another photographic memory.

Thank you, Gaylon for sharing a small part of your treasured photographic legacy. 


Playful Egrets by Dede Hartung


Playful Egrets
by Dede Hartung

In her artist statement Dede quotes Jay Maisel’s comments about “capturing light, gesture and color”. This wonderful series of photographs on display at this show demonstrates all three of these components.

Playful Egrets is a wonderfully composed image, almost ephemeral in nature. The two birds are captured in a way that accentuates the beauty of these birds both in the air and near the ground. One bird contrasts against the blue of the water and the other against the ground vegetation. But they still interact as a whole composition. The photograph is almost split into two sections which blend beautifully together.

The gestures of these two birds are a wonderful contrast of the delicacy of the two birds, one compact and the other extended in flight. Dede has further increased the impact of this photo (and the rest of the images in this exhibit) by printing it very large…which displays her skill as a photographer, capturing sharp imagery of birds in movement.

This is a beautiful photograph, in the tradition of Japanese brush paintings and would make a wonderful addition to anyone’s walls.


Essence of Spring by Gerry Iuppa


Essence of Spring
by Gerry Iuppa

Gerry is “…out in nature, camera in hand!” with this collection of beautiful birds. Fortunately for us he included a few other subjects including this gorgeous butterfly photo titled, Essence of Spring. The other photos in Gerry’s collection are very dynamic. This photo just makes me feel good. The butterfly’s wings look like a delicate stained-glass window.  Everything about this insect is perfectly in focus – including its antenna. The remainder of the photo is a very pleasant bokeh effect, but not more than it needs to be. We can still tell we are in a garden with the pastel-colored background. The flower, on a very small twig, with the butterfly atop makes a nice diagonal across the photo. This is a nicely seen and executed photograph for us to enjoy.

Morning in Montmerte by Joe Jech


Morning in Montmerte
Joe Jech

In this photograph, Joe has captured a simple everyday moment -- an older man carries a bag of groceries up the cobble-stoned street.  The “Musée Montmartre” museum lets us know that this is a street in the famous painter’s neighborhood of Paris.  This is an image that can engage us, invite us to explore the details, and we can find ourselves creating a story.    It’s a sunny morning probably on the cool side – the man has a jacket covering a scarf that is wrapped around his neck.  Is he, perhaps, an artist?   The direct sunlight on the man brings our attention back to him as we wander around the photograph.  The sun-lit green canopy of leaves stretch out over the sidewalk, a visual balance in the foreground of the photograph.  The wonderful curve of the street curb is like the edge of a stream of cobblestones flowing down the hill.  Our attention moves to the repetitive stone posts running alongside, the repeating shuttered windows overlooking the street, the arched entrance welcoming guests to the museum, and then returning to the man with white hair, walking up the hill, carrying a bag of groceries. For just a moment, could we be there on that street with him?

Joe has the light, the composition, the use of diagonals all contributing to a wonderful photograph, inviting us to explore that everyday moment.

Moulton Barn Teton by Ken Rose


Moulton Barn Teton
by Ken Rose

When photographing a panoramic scene, a photographer frequently includes several layers. To accomplish this, the artist looks for foreground interest as well as background interest.

While visiting the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming, Ken was able to accomplish an effective pano shot when he photographed the Teton Moulton Barn. He captured the beautiful golden hues of the foreground against the smoky blue tones of the background mountains and sky. By focusing on the iconic barn, he added interest to the photo. The sunlight hitting the left side of the roof provides contrast against the dark Teton mountains. The peak of the barn’s gable styled roof blends well with the similar shapes of the mountain peaks in the background. The horizontal and vertical textured lines of the barn also add interest. 

As the viewer stares at this image, one wonders what became of the rest of the Moulton homestead. How long did it take to build this barn? How many hard-working horses were sheltered in it?  What other animals roamed the land nearby? Ken’s photo encourages the viewer to imagine the trials and successes of homesteading in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.


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