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Partners' Picks of the Show

Of Land and Sky

John Solberg

October 5 - October 31, 2021

Gallery Partners have chosen our "Picks of the Show"
by Feature and Guest Photographers

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All images copyright by the individual photographers

Broadway Theater by Dave Braitsch


Broadway Theatre, Buffalo NY
by Dave Braitsch
18x32-in, $175

Dave returns as a Visiting Artist, and in his exhibit this month he focuses on Architecture, especially gathering places. Many of his photographs capture buildings in good shape; however, Broadway Theatre is different as it is of a building in total disrepair. 

There is still a beauty in this theatre, even though the walls are exposed, the seats ripped, and the ceiling almost destroyed. The vantage place he has chosen to photograph from is on the balcony, which gives an excellent view of the ruins.

The focus is on the stage, which is what theatres are designed for. However, in this theatre there is large white and dark graffiti, the tag of several intruders to the building.    This reinforces the state of disrepair of the theatre, which was once a beautiful auditorium.

Dave uses a color palate which reinforces the impressions of the building. All are muted colors, reflecting the decay of the premises.

The composition of the photo is very well done; the curve of the balcony tends to frame the theatre along the bottom and brings your eye into the depths of the building. 

One can only hope that someday, with a lot of money, this theatre can be reclaimed and brought back to use.



Residents of the Workbench by Jim Dusen


Residents of the Work Bench
by Jim Dusen

16x20-in, $175

Jim is a long-time exhibitor at Image City and his work continues to be of high quality with various themes.

Residents of the Work Bench is a “classical” still life photograph, however instead of capturing traditional still life images such as flowers, food and many of the other items that are the staple of still life compositions.  Jim has focused on the some of the objects that could be found on a work bench.  In addition, he uses dried flowers and roughhewn wood to fill the frame and give it both depth and balance.

His use of colors is excellent, as well as the care in which the objects have been arranged.  The left side is anchored by the flowerpot, and then the viewer’s eye moves to the objects on the gable.  The wood provides a dramatic background as a natural counter to the hard edges and mechanical look of the other objects on the bench.

Overall, a beautifully composed photograph.

Sunflower and Thistle by Maggie Hamell


Sunflower & Thistle
by Maggie Hamell
16x24-in, $225

Maggie Hamell joins us at Image City Photography Gallery once again with a panel of photos creating a sense of happiness and reflection. Her Sunflower & Thistle with its warm colors of yellows and browns and a darkened tone elicits a calming introspection for the viewer and is a reminder of the Autumn season. The triangle is an important element of composition that keeps one’s eye in the photo looking at each element in turn. Upon further inspection this triangle surrounds a tattered old bound book acting as a center holding the composition together. An old library comes to mind where one may pause, reflect and read gathering knowledge and wisdom. Or perhaps the book contains old recipes for changing the sharp prickles of the blessed thistle into remedies. It may be prepared as a tea and there is some evidence to suggest that it reduce indigestion and to treat colds, cough, fever bacterial infections and diarrhea. During the Middle Ages it was used to treat the bubonic plague. Thank you for creating a much-needed moment of reflection, Maggie.

Spring Dogwood Interlude by Jane Hopkins


Spring Dogwood Interlude
by Jane Hopkins
23x23-in, $295

Many of us as children played with a kaleidoscope, multiplying parts of an image into a mandala-like form. It takes what is straightforward and understandable and converts it into a beautiful pattern.

Jane has taken this approach using her skills in post processing to photographically recreate this approach

From a distance the structure and colors in the image draw you in toward the center. The green outer edges frame the mandala, and then the yellow band invites you into the lighter circle, filled with structures, and finally to the center structure of symmetry. 

But when you move closer, the wonderful individual elements appear, and the mandala reveals a living world. A delicate and intricate world. The center becomes a beautiful and welcoming formal garden.

At first one can see the two-fold symmetry, right and left reflections and top and bottom reflections. On closer examination, each of the four “corner squares” is itself a reflection across the diagonal. And this structure creates a flow toward the center.

This photograph is one which discloses ever increasing levels of its beauty as the viewer spends time appreciating this image.

Heart Strung by Joseph Occhipinti 


Heart Strung
by Joseph Occhipinti

17x22-in, $200

Joseph’s photograph is a fascinating contrast between two structures…the simple stone in the upper part of the photograph against the delicate patterns in the lower half of the image. His clever title gives you a hint (if you need it) of the heart shaped folds…. providing a continuous line of hearts in this image.

These contrasts include pattern, curvature vs angular, smooth vs rough and refined vs solid divides the photo into two sections, almost a diptych. The upward thrust of the “heart” forms leads the viewer’s eye upwards and then stops at the solid wall of the stones and the concrete holding them together. 

One might question the “how” and “what” kinds of questions, but it is best to simply not delve into these questions but simply enjoy this composition. The abstract structure of this photograph is its power….not a soaring landscape but a “micro” portion of one. Joseph has focused on a strong composition, employing a subject that many might just walk on by.’’

Of Land and Sky #7 by John Solberg


Of Land & Sky #7, Groveland Hill, NY
by John Solberg
16x36-in, $250

Our everyday lives are full of noise. Beside the actual sounds, there is the news, politics, family issues, our careers, and our own personal problems. Occasionally, and for no reason at all, we have a sense of clarity, a moment of quiet mindfulness.  There doesn’t seem to be a reason or trigger that causes this, but we enjoy the moment, nevertheless.

John, with his presentation Of Land & Sky, has provided an opportunity to experience this feeling by standing in front of any of his panoramas and imagine yourself being in that place. It’s quiet. There is a slight breeze brushing against your face. The cool air easily slides into your lungs.  As you imagine the history of this place, “planting, growing, and harvesting,” everything else falls away and you’re all alone. It feels good!

I chose Of Land & Sky #7 to critique, but I could have picked any one of these photos as they are all carefully selected by John to tell the story of this land and his personal connection to it.  #7 contains many of the elements I enjoy in a photograph.  I enjoy B&W photographs because they tell the story using tonality, contrast, texture, and lines.  Notice how the lines of the plowed field direct us to the lone large tree off center in the field. It’s been there for generations, observing the constant turnover in this field.  You are forced to consider why the farmers left this single sentinel in the field.  I enjoy how the soft unstructured clouds contradict the rough intentional furrows of the field. This image is both simple and as complicated as your mind allows you to experience. This photograph allows us to find that moment of mindfulness.

Thank you for sharing all these wonderful photos, John!


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