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Peter's Picks
Picks of the Show

Spiritual Moments

 Peter Marr and Gallery partners have made a selection of their favorites
from the Featured and Guest Photographers in the exhibit.

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All images copyright by the individual photographers


Peter Marr's Picks

 H1038 by Jim Hartsen


Spiritual Moments
by Jim Hartsen

Like in all of Jim’s exquisite prints, the visual impact is outstanding and electrifying, jarring a viewer’s expectations of reality by taking one into an enchanting and mystical world of wonder and breathtaking beauty. The powerful saturated colors arouse the viewer’s emotions and captivate one’s subconscious, resulting in seeing the image as something transcending the ordinary, and the liberation of one’s vision. Fully aware of Ralph Gibson’s apt quotation, namely, “Reading things into a photograph is the prerogative of both the artist and the photographer,” I will attempt to convey what I saw in this stunning print. My immediate first thought was that I was looking at a surrealistic graphic representation of the cerebral cortex of the brain, where both hemispheres, instead of being joined by a large bundle of interconnecting fibers, were in fact being separated by a forceful stream of liquid that emptied violently into the base of the skull. Then immediately breaking through stereotyped perception, I was excitedly aware that I was clearly envisaging a large, enraged animal plunging into the water, displaying an inflamed, flared nostril and a wide open eye, both of which were clear evidence of a possible threat, or of some delectable prey in its vicinity. The left eye and nostril were closed, possibly to minimize the crushing entry into the water. Such was the force of the impact, a gigantic spout of water was displaced and sent like a rocket vertically upwards, whilst the spray from the force of the entry, obliterated all of the detail of the beast’s giant head.The vibrant colors above the animal’s partially visible nasal structure, are fitting indications of its strength and intensity. I hope that every observer will take the time to visualize for themselves what they see in this stunning and dramatic image. (#H1038).


Peter A. Marr

H1041 by Jim Hartsen


Spiritual Moments
by Jim Hartsen


Jim’s exhibition is a dazzling tour de force of brilliant, spellbinding images, that have a spectacular rhythm of lines, shapes, forms, textures and values, together with extraordinary saturated colors, giving an organic coalition of every visual element possible. These exceptional prints are not emotionally neutral, the result of the complete absence of constricted awareness, freedom from a sense of self, and the reawakening of a creative and intuitive ability that has enhanced the author’s visionary skills. Here, I am reminded of a quote from Diane Arbus, namely, “My favorite is to go where I’ve never been,” a saying that is exemplified by these stellar images, and making my selection of just two of them to comment further on, very difficult, for they are all memorable.


I hope that every observer who has the good fortune to view Jim’s prints, will be cognizant of the fact that it is not what you look at, but what you see that is so important.  In H1041 there is a regeneration of a sense of wonder, that meaningful art is both mind changing and challenges the prejudices of conventional thought. The color palette is expressively awesome, with an exceptional range of deep, saturated hues, that totally integrate with all of the other visual features. I am very aware of that  I am looking through a stylistic network of perhaps a cracked paint surface that is outlined in black to form powerful interstices, through which there is a metal mesh covering , that reveals extraordinary fine texture and surface detail. The center of these grids have been peeled away to reveal the secrets beyond. Against the background of a dark dome that is silhouetted against the deep blue sky, one is keenly aware of a highlighted, irregularly shaped water expanse. In the latter are ghostly reflections of a city’s skyline, where skyscrapers that once towered above the landscape, are now reduced to irregular fingers of dripping paint. If that were not enough, there is spectacularly present a halo of fiery red, reminiscent of a sea of hot flowing magma, issuing from a volcanic caldera. I hope that other observers can add their own interpretations as to what they see in this truly creative and compelling image. (#H1041). 

Peter A. Marr

Magical Forest by Jane Hopkins

Magical Forest
by Jane Hopkins 

These inspiring mandalas of nature create a fascinating series of designs that have been exquisitely constructed by the artist, resulting in visual patterns and impressions that capture our attention with harmonious impact, both visually and emotionally. It is abundantly clear that most artists carry within themselves a sense of wonder and elation, for without it, they would not produce the work that they do. Jane is definitely one of these artists, who in Magical Forest, has created a scintillating design from a scene that reawakens a sense of wonder in nature’s ability to give us a woodland setting of such sublime beauty and majesty. Here, the lovely soft lighting reveals every color and subtle detail to the utmost, tracing every twist and turn of the tree trunk and part of the spectacular root system to perfection. The delightful moss and bed of green shamrock plants provide a shimmering support to the tree formations, in which every line, shape and texture are gracefully revealed by the resplendent illumination. This stellar vista by itself does nature proud, but woven creatively into a mandala, results in an image that is just priceless, one that really does take on a magical quality that defies the imagination. Looking beyond the sheer beauty and the imaginative combination of the four identical images, I am aware of an entirely different formation. I can clearly see a giant beetle, and although it lacks the legs that are normally attached to the thorax, it more than makes up for this with huge antennae which act like pincers, together with powerful legs which follow the contortions of the tree and root system impeccably. This secondary image of a beetle in no way detracts from the sheer beauty of this striking mandala, it just shows that when one forms an awesome symmetrical design, it is often very easy for a keen observer to see an entirely different design, which in this case adds to the magic and mystery of the Magical Forest.

Peter A. Marr

Everyday Journey by Josh Bulriss

Everyday Journey
by Josh Bulriss

The author’s sublime images of entrancing and poignant scenes from his worldly travels to the Far East and the Himalayan regions, are an uplifting realization of the photographer’s inward vision, his sense of wonder, and his great passion for the subject matter. Josh has uniquely captured the character and spirit of humanity, seeing his subjects in a special way, one that transcends the ordinary. Everyday Journey, which as well as being creatively photographed, relates passionately to the human presence in an enlightened way. It tells of a person’s relationship with the natural world as a place of organic harmony, of which the person is a part, but not the dominant part. In a place of majestic beauty, with the backdrop of the Himalayan mountains, serenely shrouded by puffy, white cumulus clouds and a lovely blue sky, we encounter a steep mountain pass. This arduous trail is obviously on the edge of a precipitous drop, as evidenced by the line of dead, limbless trees that have been dug into the path’s edge, each wooden support being connected by random rows of barbed wire. In addition, the highly exposed trail has a walkway of large, flat stone slabs, many of them missing, revealing just the dirt beneath. Along this primitive mountain way, a solitary Nepalese woman, clad in traditional dress and with only thin, open sandals on her feet, arduously makes her way slowly around a bend, walking up a route that she and her family and ancestors have travelled for countless years. Her exhausting journey is part of a way of life that goes back centuries, her only excitement is that for this day at least, she is not alone, she is accompanied by a landscape of serene beauty, which contributes significantly to the emotional and aesthetic characteristics of nature and daily life. This is a poignant and uplifting image of a way of life that does offer some serenity and beauty, but it does have its harsher side as well.


Peter A. Marr

Additional Gallery Picks
Vintage Blue Car by Pablo Gavilondo


Vintage Blue Car
by Pablo Gavilondo

Pablo has exhibited a very creative series of photographs. His fascination with old cars is reinforced by this image of a classic car in blue. He shows just enough of the car to make the subject clear to the viewer while at the same time capturing the strong visual elements. Using the semi-abstract reflections in the car body add to the composition of this photograph. The blue image reinforces the graphic elements without adding the distraction of multiple colors. Showing the part of the whole demonstrates Pablo's keen eye in finding beauty in just a small part of a beautiful vintage car.

Palm 5 by Gil Maker


Palm 5
by Gil Maker

Palm leaves are everywhere in tropical countries. We too often don't look carefully at them, just walking by them as part of the landscape. Gill has really looked at these leaves,finding strong graphic patterns which are further reinforced by the use of black an white photographs framed in an effective but less conventional manner. This photograph demonstrates strong motion and three dimensionality . The several fronds on top of the lager palm provide a counter to the very symmetrical background, providing a strong visual tension in this photograph.



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