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Phyllis A. Thompson

For many years, Phyllis's photographic passion was taking candid photos of her family. Her focus changed, however, in 1998 when her husband Gary and five members and friends from his photography class began planning a photo trip to the Canadian Rockies. Her interest in photography spikes as she did not want to miss the opportunity to take her own unique images and she quickly became a serious photographer. Since that time, Phyllis has been expanding her photographic skills to record her visions and interpretations of nature, landscapes, and seascapes.

Phyllis works primarily with the Canon EOS 3 system and uses KODAK EKTACHROME VS 100 ISO 35mm slide film. She particularly likes to photograph in the early morning or late afternoon because the sun produces unique lighting conditions and photographic opportunities. Phyllis is intrigued with and specializes in capturing nature's patterns from a panoramic perspective. When images lend themselves to a panoramic format, she shoots with her medium format Hasselblad X-Pan Panoramic Camera with Kodak ULTRACOLOR 100 ISO Print Film. The Hasselblad X-Pan produces a double 35mm negative.

In the spring of 2000, Phyllis began learning the process of printing in the darkroom at Campos Photographic Center and had been printing her own images until the Campos facility closed. For her most recent work, she has worked closely with Michael Hager of Museum Photographic to have him print archival custom digital images. Her photographs are framed with acid free materials and conservation glass at the Frameworks on Ridge Road.

Phyllis and Gary have photographed throughout the United States and Canada, and she has assisted with photography tours which Gary has led to the Canadian Rockies, the Olympic Peninsula, the Maine coast, Vermont and New Hampshire, the Blue Ridge Parkway, and the Smoky Mountains. Together with Gary, she has studied and taken photo tours with Steve Gilroy, an Alaskan photographer Gary Braash; David Elms; and most recently with David Muench. In addition, they have taken workshops with George Lepp and Terrell Lester.

Her work has been exhibited at the Hungerford Gallery, the Center at High Falls, Campos Photography Center, the Clothesline Art Show, and now at the Image City Photography Gallery. Gary and Phyllis along with Bill Bernbeck, Dan Neuberger, David Perlman, Betsy Phillips, and Ed Vesneske opened this unique gallery dedicated solely to photography in Rochester, New York in September 2005.

email:  Phyllis.Thompson@ImageCityPhotographyGallery.com

Click Here to view a selection of Phyllis' photographs.



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