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Gil Maker
Gil Maker

Born in Boston (and, yes, an avid Red Sox fan), I have lived in Rochester for the past 30 years. While attending Syracuse University I did a little photography, which was displayed at the Everson Art Gallery in 1978.  After college I didn’t do much photography until 2001.

copyright-Gil MakerIn 2001, my wife suggested that I get a hobby (or she’d kill me). I thought that I would try photography again. I bought a Canon Digital Rebel and began shooting. I quickly became hooked on the excitement and pleasure of taking images, seeing them immediately, and doing my own processing. I now use a Nikon D2X and an Epson Stylus Pro 3800 to process and print my work.

My subjects include landscapes and shapes and patterns found in common objects. I enjoy thecopyright-Gil Maker challenge of capturing an image from an unusual perspective. I have worked with Ron Reznick, Moose Peterson and Vincent Versace, among others, to continue improving my craft. 

To sum up my philosophy of photography: If an image excites you, take it. That image will never come around again, so you only have one chance. It may be a keeper or not, but if you don’t take it, you’ll never know.

 Shows and Exhibits:

1978:  Everson Art Gallery, Syracuse New York

February 2006:  Image City Photography Gallery, Rochester, NY

copyright-Gil Maker   

email  gmaker@mac.com

website: www.gilmakerphoto.com

Click Here to view a catalog of a selection of Gil's photographs.


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