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Gallery Picks of the Show

B&W Invitational

January 23 - February 18, 2024

Gallery Partners have chosen our "Picks of the Show"
by Guest Photographers

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All images copyright by the individual photographers

Looking Up, Marriott, Atlanta

Looking Up – Atlanta Marriott by David Braitsch, 20x26-in, $150

Color photographs often distract us from elements of an image that may not be noticed (good and bad). Color is such a strong influencer of how we feel about an image. It carries a lot of emotional content. Removing color from a photograph enhances other elements that often get consumed by it.  Texture, lines, patterns, balance, and symmetry now become the “heroes” of a well composed B&W photograph.  Looking Up – Atlanta Marriot by Dave Braitsch is one of those photos. The title of this photograph reveals its orientation. For good reason I wish Dave had titled it just “Atlanta Marriot” and leave the determination of orientation to the viewer. I really like its ambiguity. After all, this could be a hallway in the Spaceship Enterprise or a very modern hotel. All the great elements of a quality B&W photo exist here. The symmetry is perfect. The tonality is spot on. The contrast is special. The curvature of the balcony balances perfectly with the linearity of the centered windows. The ceiling lights – or doors – depending on how you look at it, is where I’m heading. I hope this photo finds a home Dave. It’s worth being hung on someone’s wall. Thanks for sharing. By Don Menges

The Vibrance of Life Force by Steve Dent


The Vibrancy of Life Force,  by Steve Dent, 16x22-in, $150

In this series of beautiful Black and White Photographs, Steve captures the complex “nature” of women. Vibrancy of Life Force is a wonderful, almost mystical photograph. 

Using simple props, dried flowers and grasses he surrounds his model with an aura of visual strength.  All of the lines lead to the face of his model, who is posed in a concentrated manner, her arms turn back to her chest, and she is leaning forward. She is like a spirit of nature.

She catches your eye, having you focus on her face and then appreciating the ray-like strands emanating from her, almost like a religious image. It reminds me of some early religious paintings of such figures as saints.

Having a raw wood background contributes to this image, removing from, and linking to reality at the same time. Also, the use of Black and White, the theme of the overall show, focuses the viewer on the imagery without the distraction of color.

It is interesting to think about how this composition fits with its title, The Vibrance of Life Force. Making the viewer think is a major component of many strong photographs, and Steve has done this with his challenging and beautiful composition. By Steve Levinson

Artist Cottage by Andrea Gluckman


Artist Cottage, by Andrea Gluckman, 18x26-in, $260, (print only, $75)

Artist Cottage, a Gallery Pick by Andrea Gluckman, is an evocative and atmospheric photograph that beautifully captures an artist cottage situated along the rugged Atlantic coastline of Ballinskelligs, Ireland at an artist colony, developed from the ruins of a 1790’s pre-famine village. The photo is composed in such a way that the viewer’s eye is led from the crumbling stone cottage in the foreground, along the spine of the coastal cliff and out to the moody sea and horizon beyond. It is a composition that effortlessly blends the beauty of nature with the charm of human creativity. The location of the cottage on the hillside adds an element of exclusivity and tranquility, providing the perfect retreat for the artist seeking inspiration.

The dramatic cloud-laden sky, with its dark, brooding tones, adds a powerful backdrop to the scene, suggesting an approaching storm or the waning moments of a tumultuous day. The touch of color provided by the green door of the otherwise muted, weathered cottage adds interest and raises questions about the history and the stories the walls might hold.

The contrast between the darkened sky and the highlighted grassy cliffs and sea gives the image depth and texture, while the play of light appears to dance across the water’s surface. Andrea has successfully captured a moment of natural tension and beauty, showcasing the wild, untamed charm of the coastal landscape.

Andrea’s photograph evokes a sense of serenity and inspiration, transporting the viewer to a place where time seems to stand still.  It invites contemplation and reflection, encouraging one to imagine the life of an artist residing in such a captivating setting. The image serves as a reminder of the profound connection between art and nature, and the power they hold to inspire and uplift the human spirit. Overall, this is a compelling photograph that is rich in narrative potential and striking in its visual impact. Congratulations, Andrea! By Marie Costanza

In Tatters by Laura Knecht


In Tatters, by Laura Knecht, 18x24-in, $225

Laura Knecht’s Gallery Pick, In Tatters, presents a visually arresting image of what appears to be a torn fabric or a delicate textile. The black and white palette of the piece emphasizes its texture and adds a sense of age or timeworn distress. The contrast between the delicate, almost vein-like patterns of the tattered fabric and the stark solidity of the background wall and ledge is striking.

The work captures a moment of decay or neglect but does so with a beautiful sense of composition and detail. The photo has a melancholic feel, perhaps suggesting abandonment, faded beauty, or the transitory nature of life.  The title “In Tatters” suggests a dissolution or fragmentation but might also be seen as representing resilience—something still hanging on, despite being worn down by the elements or time.

The choice to represent this image in black and white further abstracts the subject, focusing the viewer’s attention on shapes, shadows, and the interplay of light.  The framing within the photograph, with the fabric hanging in the center, draws the eye into the textured landscape it presents.

The piece might trigger various emotional responses depending on the viewer’s perspective, offering a rich visual texture that invites closer inspection.  Laura’s eye for detail and ability to find beauty in the unexpected is evident in this compelling image. Congratulations, Laura! By Marie Costanza

Laundry Hamper by Andrew Wohl


Laundry Hamper, by Andrew Wohl, 16x20-in, $175

Ordinary things seen as they are – an elegant car, shapes transformed into letters, a stop sign, an open door, a broken table, a bag of sand.  Andrew’s offerings here are little treasures.  The Laundry Hamper, one of those little treasures, is a delight to see. The light on the clothing gives it life and makes it almost tangible.  It seems so relaxed and comfortable with its random folds and its strings hanging down on either side.  The crossed legs and the edge of the table holding the shadowed basket bring our eyes again to the flowing clothing at the top.  The straight lines of the primitive structure are in contrast to the curves and folds above. The clothing fill the top of the photograph in a way that focuses our attention and brings a feeling of intimacy with this ordinary thing. 

Andrew presents a wonderful image that demonstrates both sensitivity and skill in the use of light, shadow, texture and composition.  Well done! By John Solberg

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