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Wings and Wanderlust

October 31 - November 26, 2023

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All images copyright by the individual photographers

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All images copyright by the individual photographers

Splendor by Megan Crandlemire

Splendor by Megan Crandlemire
20x24-in, $175

Megan Crandlemire’s Gallery Pick entitled Splendor is part of Megan’s series with the theme of Rooted in Reality.  All of Megan’s photos in this display include trees.

As I gaze upon Megan’s Splendor, I am filled with a sense of awe and tranquility.  This stunning portrayal of an ancient tree, surrounded by vibrant fall foliage, invites the viewer to step into a world of natural beauty and serenity.

The composition of the photograph is truly striking.  The old tree stands tall and commanding, as if it possesses a gravitational pull, drawing me closer to witness its resplendent display.  The autumn sky, a brilliant tapestry of warm hues, transform the scene into an ethereal wonderland.  Shades of orange and yellow, mixed with the blue within the sky, create a captivating contrast against the tree’s weathered bark. 

What strikes me most about this photograph is the overwhelming sense of tranquility it evokes.  The majestic tree seems to possess a wisdom borne from the passage of time, radiating a quiet strength that only nature can offer.  The stillness of the surroundings and the absence of any human presence allow me to fully immerse myself in the wondrous spectacle before me, finding solace in the arms of Mother Nature.

“Splendor” serves as a reminder of the ephemeral nature of life and the importance of appreciating the fleeting moments of enchantment that surround us.

By Marie Costanza


Crimson Flight by Flinn Hackett 

Crimson Flight by Flinn Hackett
18x21-in, $225

This stunning photograph captures an incredible moment in the cardinal’s flight. With wings down, tail spread and moving toward the viewer, it can create a moment of reactive movement to get out of the flight path.  It’s easy to imagine a determination in the eyes of this crimson flyer.

The photograph is also a technical triumph!  The sharp focus on the bird and the branch against an un-sharp background creates a three-dimensional environment.  The elegant downward curve of the wings marks the last moment before the wings rise again, and the timing couldn’t be more perfect. There’s a kind of suspension of time and space, capturing a sense of floating.  The arc of the branch creates a the pathway for the flight, balances the photograph and supports the three-dimensional setting.  And the light!  The golden tone of the background yields to the reds and gold of the cardinal.  It even reveals the translucence of the wing feathers.  All of the elements work together to create a vibrant image.  

One might think that this was a stroke of luck….but Flinn was prepared and ready for this very singular moment.  Well done!

By John Solberg



The Scattering of Light and Shadow of Memory by Mike Nyerges 

The Scattering of Light and the Shadow of Memory by Mike Nyerges
16x20-in, $225

While you are looking at Mike Nyerges’s photographs you will notice that you are not in Kansas anymore Dorothy!  These are not your everyday snapshots documenting reality. Mike is definitely “out there.”  I’ve been following Mike on Instagram (@mikenyerges) for a long time and I’m always amazed by his use of space, sound, rhythm, and light.  Camera movement is often utilized to create the effect Mike is after. On his Instagram site Mike declares that his “photos and photocomposites… reflect the contingencies of time and place, insight and mood.”

The Scattering of Light and the Shadow of Memory is the one that resonated most with me. Each of Mike’s photographs leaves room for personal interpretation as I believe he intends. The movement of the figure into the image guides my eye to the obvious red object (an umbrella in my mind). The silhouetted figure has her left foot secure in the brown earth, bottom left, as she steps into the scene. The rest is falling color, created to separate the scene and to provide dimension.

Thanks for these Mike. Your photos are fun to look at and this collection is wonderful.

By Don Menges


A Visitor at the Sleepy Hollow Farm by Patty Singer 

A Visitor to the Sleepy Hollow Farm
by Patty Singer
18-24-in, $200 ($100 print only)

For many, autumn is the best season of the year.  Beautiful colors, with the cold weather and the snow still in the future. In her show, Patty has done a great job capturing the beauty of this season in Vermont. 

A Visitor to the Sleepy Hollow Farm is an outstanding landscape photograph.  It is well composed, with three different “planes” (front, middle and back) allowing the eye to explore this vista, enjoying the beauty of the rainbow-colored trees and serenity of the classic Vermont farm and a “special guest”.

What really differentiates this photograph from more “standard “landscapes is the presence of the cow in the foreground. You immediately focus on her; she serves as a counterpoint to the landscape, in a manner similar to some photographers placing a model with a red umbrella in the foreground of their image. This gives scale to the photograph and brings the entire image upfront to the viewer.

Our visiting cow also provides an opportunity to create a narrative when viewing this image. Why is it standing alone outside the fences, what has caught its attention, where is it going?  Its brown color contrasts with the vibrant colors of its surroundings.

This is a wonderful photograph that hanging in your home lets you travel to Vermont in autumn any time of the year and wherever you may live.

By Steve Levinson

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