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Gallery Picks of the Show

Photographers' Journey 2023

August 8 - September 3, 2023

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All images copyright by the individual photographers

 Gallery Partners have chosen their "Picks" of the Guest Photographers


All images copyright by the individual photographers

Ruffled Feathers by Gary Butler

Ruffled Feathers by Gary Butler, 15x15-in, $190

In Gary Butler’s Gallery Pick entitled Ruffled Feathers, we are presented with a captivating scene of nature’s raw power and the intricate balance of predator and prey. Gary’s desire to seek balance as he captures nature in his photography is clearly seen in this image. His photo showcases an American Kestrel, a small fierce bird of prey, proudly clutching its captured rodent in its sharp talons. The bird, with its intense gaze, is seen perched on a tree stump, proudly displaying its ruffled feathers. The composition and subject matter come together to create a visually stunning and thought-provoking image. As I stared at Gary’s photo, I noticed that he photographed the American Kestrel in exquisite detail, showcasing its plumage and distinct markings.  The bird’s focused expression reveals its predatory instincts and unwavering determination. Its powerful talons firmly grasp the rodent, emphasizing the kestrel’s strength and agility. Gary’s skillfully executed composition of the image, with the kestrel positioned prominently in the frame, allows us to fully appreciate its beauty and the significance of its prey. Gary’s use of depth of field effectively isolates the kestrel and its prey, drawing the viewer’s attention to the main subject. This gallery pick of an American Kestrel with its captured rodent is a stunning portrayal of nature’s intricate web of life and serves as a testament to the kestrel’s vital role in maintaining ecological equilibrium. Congratulations, Gary, for your stunning gallery pick!

By Marie Costanza



Coupons - Thompkins County Fair by Harry Littell

Coupons - Thompkins County Fair by Harry Littell, 21x28-in, $575

The Neuberger Gallery exhibit by Harry Littell is a delightfully evocative sampling of County Fairs in the area surrounding Ithaca, NY where the artist, Harry Littell lives.  These eight photos from five different fairs summons forth the sights, smells, tastes, and the warm humid nights spent spinning, eating, and carousing with friends and enthusiasts. I love Harry’s attention to creative detail so that each image tells a story. I also appreciate Harry’s discipline to deliberately plan his visit to different venues, with similar light conditions, pulling the full exhibit into what might be considered a novel. The ‘story’ I enjoy is Coupons – Thompkins County Fair. At first glance I thought a sub text is “Who has some cash?” but on closer examination it is rather that they have purchased their ‘coupons’ and are trying to decide “What’s next?” Conveniently, Harry provides a leading line path that identifies a couple of directions they could take. Harry places his subjects in a well-lit, balanced position in the foreground and the road leads the eye into the scene to what may be a Spooky House, and perhaps a 4H display. Behind the booth is a slide and around the curve to the right are lights of another ride. Could those lights of the Zipper that is featured in another photo in Harry’s collection?  I was intrigued by the tiny white sign on the window that states, “Absolutely no returns on broken bands so treat them carefully.” Most of you reading this may know this already, but not having attended a County Fair in many years I did some quick research of the Coleman Brothers Show to find that the ‘Coupons’ are wrist bands that one buys for use on any ride. It seems the wristband must be on the wrist. I suppose” Wrist Bands” don’t fit as easily on the marquee of the booth as does “Coupons. Thanks, Harry for these marvelously interesting photographic stories.

By Dick Bennett


West Quoddy Head Lighthouse by Patty Singer


West Quoddy Head Lighthouse By Patty Singer, 18x24-in, $200

Patty Singer is a frequent exhibitor at Image City and her work never disappoints. Patty has numerous favorite subjects she enjoys shooting. This collection of photos captures Patty’s interest in Lighthouses. The subject is well studied, but the West Quoddy Head Lighthouse piece stands out for several reasons. The lighthouse itself is perfectly placed in the frame and obviously the subject of the photograph, but the fireweed plants on the left are a strong supporting element that could vie for that role. The flags and garage(?) on the right hold down the right side of the image. The sky is not just blue but hold an interesting cloud element. Finally, the ocean water is the strong component threading across the middle of the frame holding everything together. An interesting element, that might be overlooked, is that everything in this photograph is clearly in focus from the fireweed plants to the flag poles, to the clouds in the background. In conversation with Patty, she revealed that she used an in-camera focus stacking technique to achieve this result. You might want to ask her about that. Thanks for sharing, Patty.

By Don Menges


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