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Gallery Picks of the Show

Inside Out

January 25 - February 20, 2022

Gallery Partners have chosen our "Picks of the Show"
by Guest Photographers

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All images copyright by the individual photographers

Early Morning Fog, Atchafalaya Bayou by Steve Dent 

Early Morning Fog, Atchafalaya Bayou
by Steve Dent

The Bayous of Louisiana are a wondrous place, almost unearthly. 

Seeing these trees almost in isolation is so much stronger than a crowded landscape.  It is so much more effective than a “traditional” landscape photograph, instead it is almost a “micro-landscape) allowing the viewer to “zero in” on just part of a total landscape.

Steve has added to this impression by shooting in a fog while using a kayak to get to the right spot for the photo.   Texture then becomes a significant contributor to the overall effect of this photograph.

 The almost monochromatic high-key background provides a wonderful background for the subject trees.  This technique isolates the subject trees, providing a moody, minimalistic look to the background.   Using reflections effectively doubles the subjects, making them much more interesting with their mirroring effect.

The composition is well thought through, with trees receding from the viewer’s perspective.  Their strong color palette both provide separation from the much less saturated background but also contribute to the beauty of this photograph.

This is a photograph that belongs in one’s home!


Panagia-Mesani-Church-Emporio-Santorini by Elena Dilai

Panagia Mesani Church
Emporio, Santorini

by Elena Dilai

Santorini is simply a beautiful place, and we usually see photographs that accentuate the brilliant blue skies and the white buildings, roof colors competing with the sky and the view of the equally blue Aegean Sea.  

Elena has done something different here. By converting her photographs to black and white images they focus the viewer's eyes on the wonderful geometry that seems almost organic and alive. You are not distracted by color but instead note the pure shapes and lighting on this marvelous church.  

Multiple arcs repeat each other.  They are large and small, in unison with the major arc of the dome. The architectural arcs move toward the dome, moving the viewer’s focus from the lower right and up towards the dome, silhouetted against a “neutral” sky. 

Then the  crisscross grids in the window's contrast with the smooth round and softness of the structure. By itself this is one of the many amazing structure in Santorini.  Elena has made a photograph that creatively takes it beyond just recording and expresses her talent as a photographer.


I Spy by Dick Thomas

I Spy
by Dick Thomas

Dick is a frequent exhibitor at Image City and his nature and landscape photographs are wonderful. I Spy is Dick’s representation of the majesty of the Bald Eagle. Once on the threatened with extinction list, the development of the Environmental Protection Agency’s safeguards, led to the preservation of the Eagle so that now it is a visible presence in western New York state. Pictured in flight with eyes solely on his prize, Dick completely fills the frame with the Eagle. Look at the bottom right-hand corner where the sweep of the wing begins. Then follow the edge of the wing to the left, up to the top of the frame, then to the right along the upper wing over the head, circling around under the beak and ending at the eye. This approximates a compositional technique called the Golden Ratio or the Fibonacci Spiral. Think of the circular rotation of the seeds of a sunflower or the petals of a rose as other examples of this concept. This spiral popularized by many Renaissance painters such as Michelangelo, is very pleasing and comforting to the eyes. This technique is used by artists to keep the viewer’s eyes within the artwork and spend time with the subject, leading the viewer to an appreciation of Dick’s skills with the camera.


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