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Preview of the Show

Women's Perspectives

 April 20 - May 16, 2021

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All images copyright by the individual photographers

St. Andrews Castle by Anne Ryan
St. Andrews Castle
Anne Ryan
Barn Glory by Joyce Freitas
Barn Glory
Joyce Freitas

Fall Afternoon in Vermont by Patty Singer
Fall Afternoon in Vermont
Patty Singer
The American Hotel by Donna J. LaPlante
The American Hotel
Donna J. LaPlante

Screech Owl by Melissa Mance-Coniglio
Screech Owl
Melissa Mance-Coniglio

Japanese Gardens by Diane Dersch
Japanese Gardens
Diana Dersch

After the Storm by Margy Meath
After the Storm
Margy Meath

Morning in Letchworth by Sandi Osterwise
Morning in Letchworth
Sandi Osterwise

Genesee River Ice by Martha Price
Genesee River Ice
Martha Price

Prince and the Pea by Betsy Marshall
Prince and the Pea
Betsy Marshall

Freedom Flight by Cindy El-Gaaly
Freedom Flight
Cindy El-Gaaly
Fence Sitters by Christy Hibsch
Fence Sitters
Christy Hibsch
Yes, Dear by Marie Costanza
Yes Dear
Marie Costanza
Up the Hill by Susan C. Larkin
Up the Hill
Susan C. Larkin

Snake by Paul Shew
Paul Shew, Camera Rochester

Irish Artist Colony by Andrea Gluckman
Irish Artist Colony
Andrea Gluckman,
Camera Rochester
Olive Baboon by Jason Able
Olive Baboon
Jason Abel, Camera Rochester

Suspended by Loni Titus
Loni Titus, Camera Rochester

Seagull from Heaven by Tom Kredo
Seagull from Heaven
Tom Kredo

Peeking by Steve Levinson
Steve Levinson

Golden Glow by Sheridan Vincent
Golden Glow
Sheridan Vincent
Foggy Morning by Maggie Hamell
Foggy Morning
Maggie Hamell

Dutch Connection by Dick Bennett
Dutch Connection
Dick Bennett

Fight Club by Don Menges
Fight Club
Don Menges
Contemplation But is It Art by Betsy Phillips
Contemplation, But is it Art?
Betsy Phillips
Zinnia 2 by Luann Pero
Zinnia 2
Luann Pero

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