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If you are unable to visit our gallery and would like to purchase photographs from this preview or others in the gallery, please contact the gallery and call 585-271-2540.


Preview of the Show

The Magic of Light 2020

Our 13th Juried Show

84  Photographers Exhibiting

January 2 - January  26, 2020

with Scott Matyjaszek
in the Neuberger Gallery

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All images copyright by the individual photographers

A Selection of the Photographs

Receive by Scott Matyjaszek
Scott Matyjaszek

Web Magic by Peter Blackwood
Web Magic
Peter Blackwood

by Richard Healy
Inspirational Runner
Richard Healey

Kodak by Jeno Horvath
Jeno Horvath

Logan Pass by Michael Keaton
Logan Pass
Michael Keaton

Fleeing into the Dust by Daniel Silver
Fleeing into the Dust
Daniel Silver
In the Mist by Bonnie Gamache
Into the Mist
Bonnie Gamache

The Base Player by Reginald Greene
The Base Player
Reginald Greene

Porthole by Gayland Arnold
Gaylon Arnold

Preikstolen by Karl Dueland
Karl Dueland

Morro Bay Nightscape by Mike Haugh
Morro Bay Nightscape
Mike Haugh

Sun Freckles by Michele Ashlee
Sun Freckles
Michele Ashlee
Welcome to the World by Philip Dillon
Welcome to the World
Philip Dillon

Diamond Beach Icebergs, Iceland by Patty Singer
Diamond Beach Icebergs-Iceland
Patty Singer

Water Colors by Megan Crandlemire
Water Colors
Megan Crandlemire

Frog Reflection by Claudia Manchester
Frog Reflection
Claudia Manchester

Vespers by Margy Meath
Margy Meath

Architecture that Breathes by Peter Mahan
Architecture that Breathes
Peter Mahan

On Guard by Loni Titus
On Guard
Loni Titus

Foggy Night by Clyde Comstock
Foggy Night
Clyde Comstock

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