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Preview of the Show

Peter's Picks 2017 - a Retrospective

 February 19 - March 17, 2019


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All images copyright by the individual photographers

Exame Time - Syracuse University by Dave Braitsch
Exam Time - Syracuse University
Dave Braitsch
Boomtown by Julie Oldfiels
Julie Oldfield

Three in the Garage by Steve Tryon
Three in the Garage
Steve Tryon

Happy New Year by Laura Knecht
Happy New Year
Laura Knecht

Abstract Free Form - Berlin by Jerome Kaye
Abstract Free Form - Berlin
Jerome Kaye

Washington Grove by Lisa Cook
Washington Grove
Lisa Cook

Night at the Oculus by Edgar Ballestas
Night at the Oculus
Edgar Ballestas

Diademed Sifaka on Siesta by Gary Paige
Diademed Sifaka on Siesta
Gary Paige

Malagasy Rice Field by Myrna Paige
Myrna Paige
Pink Dogwood by Luann Pero
Pink Dogwood
Luann Pero

Durand - Larch Tree by Don Menges
Durand - Larch Tree
Don Menges

Domes of Casa Grande Arizona No. 1 by Steve Levinson
Domes of Casa Grande Arizona No. 1
Steve Levinson
Moonlite Theatre by Carl Crumley
Moonlite Theatre
Carl Crumley
Shadows on the Genesee by Sheridan Vincent
Shadows on the Genesee
Sheridan Vincent

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