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All images copyright by the individual photographers

Highland Park by Cindy El-Gaaly

Highland Park
by Cindy El-Gaaly

This spectacular image of one of the most beautiful flowering perennials has been lovingly seen and artistically captured by Cindy. What makes the print so impressive and memorable, is that the exquisite lighting and outstanding colors of the Bleeding Heart plant have combined in such a way, that you can see and feel the awesomeness of nature’s perfection. The ambient illumination inspiringly reveals a raceme of heart-shaped flowers gracefully suspended from a curving stem of the plant, with no distracting leaves to spoil the uplifting view. Each individual flower bursts out in all their glory with an inspiring palette of pink hues, from deep rose-pinks to lighter-pink shades. It is the shape of these flowers that gives the plant its name, for they are heart- shaped, and these delicate formations end at the tip with a small purple attachment that resembles a drop of blood, hence the name, Bleeding Heart. Nature even embellished these wonderful flowers with intricate symmetrical designs and patterns, all of which are impressively captured in this print with the lustrous lighting. Some might argue that the background is a little distracting, but I think that the circles of yellow and greens add a positive touch, supporting visually the delicacy and sheer majesty of the sumptuous necklace of flowers.

Peter A. Marr

Light and Water on Colorful Sandstones by Anthony Paladino


Light and Water on Colorful Sandstones
by Anthony Paladino

This lyrical waterscape, superbly seen and artistically captured by the author, is an impressive example of an image that is both timeless and magical. From the title, one knows that the photograph is about the playful interaction of light and water over colorful sandstones, which could be interpreted as the enchantment of moving water with the vitality of inert rocks. For myself, I am fascinated by the rhythmic interplays of colors in the water, which range from deep blues which gently merge into lighter shades of aqua blues and turquoise. Below the surface, the orange and yellow-gold hues could easily be imagined as from goldfish gently swimming over the sandstone rocks. Every viewer should take the time to look beyond the quiet beauty of this memorable print, relax the mind and try an emotional response, which could be a reflection of their own dreams. My own visual commentary is twofold. Firstly, it is easy to imagine that one is looking at an impressionism era painting, and secondly, the gentle flow of the water is musically reminiscent of a quiet passage from Claude Debussy’s La Mer. Photographically, Anthony has captured this image creatively, particularly by using a shutter speed that is exactly right in order to capture the profound serenity and emotional impact of this image.

Peter A. Marr

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