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Gallery Picks of the Show

Peter's Picks 2011: a Retrospective
February 20 - March 17, 2013

Unfortunately, Peter Marr was not available to make the picks  from the work of the guest photographers in this show. Gallery partners have made the selections and written the reviews.

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All images copyright by the individual photographers

China 951 by Christine Heusner

 China 951
by Christine Heusner

Christine has captured her impressions of China in her wonderful series of images. A somewhat ordinary building has been converted into a strong graphic statement in this image. The roof and top of the wall provide strong thrusting lines which are offset by the calm windows. Including a bit of blue laundry provide a bit of whimsy as well as the only strong color in the image. The facade of the building shows off the years that this building must have stood in the environment. The almost bullet hole like patches, lighter than the rest of the wall break up the facade in just one part of the wall. One wonders about what caused the need for the resident to make these patches. This image takes a subject that one might pass by without noticing , instead making for this striking image because the artist stopped and looked!

China 616 by Christine Heusner



China 616
by Christine Heusner

Christine captures a delicious slice of a very modern city of Shanghai. It is interesting to note that except for the exclusion of the modern dress the image could be many many years older. The expression on the man’s face is priceless...enjoying his simple meal in what might be a temple. Selective focus strongly guides the viewer’s eye to the man but still establishes the candles and frames the dining man. The windows at the top of the image coupled with the candles direct your eyes while still allowing to take in the entire scene.


Honda Super Hawk by Susan Kaye


Honda Superhawk
by Susan Kaye

Susan continues to refine and improve her fascinating technique of taking "ordinary" subjects and creating strong almost abstract images. The strong graphics of this image is enhanced by the use of a bold primary red....emphasizing the almost flower like form made from a subject that one would not think flowerlike...a motorcycle! It brings back memories if childhood kaleidoscopes. The first ones used colored pebbles and glass pieces. Then progressing to kaleidoscopes that distort whatever you aim them at. Susan apparently has not lost this fascination. The name on the motorcycle and the manufacturers name also are a significant component of this image as they are shown in a way that helps ground the viewer while still keeping the image to be challenging to the viewer. Please look at the booklet Susan has provided as it shows the single image "raw material" that she has so masterfully converted into these images.


Refugee Kids by John Solberg


Refugee Kids
by John Solberg

John Solberg has skillfully produced a very poignant photograph of seven Mexican refugee youngsters. A distinct feeling of distrust is clearly written on the faces of these children.  It is also clear that a strong feeling of camaraderie and protectiveness exists within their group. This protectiveness is apparent by the way the kids have lapped arms around other kids and how they have assembled so closely together.

The distrustful and anxious expressions on the faces of the boys are dramatic and haunting.  The girl on the right side of the image has a more pleasant but also more na´ve look on her face.  Their clothing indicates a deep level of poverty.  The look in their eyes shows wariness and uncertainty. By viewing the image one can’t help, but be sympathetic and concerned about the plight and future of these children.

Is the boy holding up his “toy on a string” proud of his skill in using the toy?  Why does the boy on the left almost seem to be hiding a similar toy?  There doesn’t seem to be a leader. Has one of them emerged as a leader and in what direction has he or she led?

The photograph makes the viewer want to know more about what has happened to each of these kids.  What kind of a life has each of them been able to create?  Have any of them been able to become educated and perhaps enjoy a productive life?  Their apparent conditions tell us that this is unlikely.

John’s image of these young refugees is truly a masterpiece.  One cannot view the photograph without feeling deep emotion and sincere concern for the plight and welfare of these children. 

Santa Fe Pennants by Karen Walker

Santa Fe Pennants.
by Karen Walker

The city of Santa Fe New Mexico has been photographed by many due to the striking nature of a capital city that maintains the Spanish heritage of its founding. Covered walkways coupled with the wonderful New Mexican light have been wonderfully captured in this image. Using perspective control, strong vibrant colors and the counterpoint of the figure in the background, Karen has created an image that is almost tunnel like but still festive with the bright banners. The strong compositional use of repetition and recession draw the viewers eye inward, taking them on a journey passing by the pennants to the person in the background. The word "Entrance" on the back pennant reinforces the concept that after this visual journey you have arrived!

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