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Issue: # 55May 26, 2012

We publish our brief Newsletter during each of our exhibits to pass along information and reviews of the exhibit, photographic tips, selected images and news of other participation opportunities at Image City. We thank you for your interest and we look forward to another great year of fine photographs and events. We hope to see you at each of our 13 shows in 2012.

In This Issue
"Sequences" our Current Show
Peter's Picks
Call for Submissions
Courses and Workshops at Image City
Image City Critiques -- Next Session Wednesday, April 4th at 7pm
Calendar of Upcoming Events at Image City

Sequences by David Moog

Current Show Runs Through Sunday, June 10  


Moog ShowcardOur current show at Image City features photographer David Moog. David recently retired from a career in Buffalo where he had a commercial studio - image making and graphic design. He studied with Minor White, Beaumont Newhall, and Arnold Gassan. His exhibit, Sequences, is his personal image-making that is separate from his advertising and industrial film-making.


The Guest photographers for the exhibit are Karen Craft in the East Gallery, Alexander Arpag, Jim Dieso,and Stephanie Quiones-Millet. Camera Rochester's award-winning photographers with photographs are  Bev Cronkite, Honey DeLapa, Ron Gouger, Stanley Hattman, Joyce Pearson, and Michelle Turner. We are also featuring a work by Sarah Koban,
winner of the 2012 Brockport Student Art Exhibition. 
We round out the show with work by David Perlman and Jim Patton, Artists-in-Residence, and Gallery Partners Dick Bennett, Carl Crumley, Steve Levinson, Gil Maker, Don Menges, Dan Neuberger, Betsy Phillips, Gary Thompson, Phyllis Thompson, and Sheridan Vincent.


For full details of the show click hereBe sure to check out the link to the "Preview of the Show Gallery" to see a selection of the fine works in the show that runs through Sunday, June 10th.

Peter Marr Makes his Picks of the Show


Peter Marr has returnned this show to make his favorite picks from the exhibits of the guest photographers. Click here to visit the website for the complete discussion and the image. You may also read Peter Marr's brief bio on the webpage. For the newsletter we select a portion of each article with an image file.


Peter chose several of David Moog's photographs noting,"Minor White was an ardent pioneer of sequencing, in which the subject matter were pointers to the significance the meaning appears in the space between the images, in the mood they raise in the beholder. Ultimately, he conceptualized that the subject itself should become a camera, and generates its own photograph. David Moog, a past student of Minor White, has incorporated juxtapositioning and sequencing in this excellent exhibition of truly superb Black and White images, creatively seen, taken and printed. I have chosen two prints from a series of eight sequences, because for me, they have the most intimate relationship in the search for signs of life. In the garage scene, titled Edward St. Garage, Buffalo 1969 one is overwhelmed with despair because of the tremendous awareness of loss of a once prosperous and thriving business, not just fallen on hard times, but deserted, to the extent that time and atmospheric conditions have eaten away at the very fabric of the automobile shop and its contents. There remains no life saving redeeming features that are apparent, as we witness classic cars decaying and lifeless in a rueful mortuary. Ghosts left to rust and crumble, ultimate dust and grime collectors, desperately awaiting a noble benefactor to return them to their true glory and importance before it is too late. The question of why there was such a dramatic abandonment is paramount in the viewer's mind, and one can only conjecture as to why this business failed....."


Parking Ramp by David MoogAbout the companion selection, Peter commented that "In the Parking Ramp, the mystery that we experienced in the other print is till present, but the feelings of sadness and despair are not there. There is still no sign of life, but intuitively, we know that the stairway is being used, as evidenced by the gleaming, burnished handrail, dramatically framed between the imposing concrete monoliths that support the ramp. There is a starkness and coldness in this inanimate parking structure, positioned here solely for building foundation and egress to the upper floors, in direct contrast to the warmth and passionate feelings one gets with the plight of the abandoned garage. Life does exist and is ongoing with the ramp because it serves a definite need, whereas in the garage there is only aspiration and longing. With these two images, I envision that in the near future, there will be both workers and customers ascending the ramp to experience a viable garage business, restored to its former glory, and most importantly, raising the level of seeing to the heights of Vision....."


Peter also chose two additional photographs Creek Detail and Concrete Wall, both available at the link mentioned previously.


OWS by Alexander Arpag.From Alexander "Zander" Arpag's exhibit Peter found "The artist has done an exemplary job of recording multi-faceted images of the Occupy Wall Street Movement, that are a moving and poignant documentation of dedicated people making their presence felt to try and affect change and social reform. Of the many outstanding prints, I chose OWS 10 because it uniquely captures one individual, together with the recorded thoughts and needs of countless others. One is captivated by a lone warrior, distinctly and colorfully attired, stretched comfortably on his makeshift bed, with the prerequisite cup of coffee and lighted cigarette plainly visible. What is so moving and intriguing, is that this person is positioned near the edge of the picture frame, looking intently beyond, whilst surrounded by a vast expanse of various messages, which are printed or scrawled on every conceivable type of board or paper. He is obviously in a lively conversation with a person or persons unknown, but what is remarkable, is that there appears to be hope and certainly forthrightness in the man's face, that speaks highly of the individual dedication and motivation that he has. He has a story to relate, and he is proud of the accomplishments of both himself, and of the vast number of individuals who have enthusiastically contributed to the messages behind him, statements which are heartfelt, meaningful and important to thousands of participants....." Unfortunately, the image file is not available to show, an alternate photo is shown above in the article.





Call for Submissions for an Exhibit this coming Summer

Fourth Annual Portfolio Showcase 2012



We are pleased to announce that  Image City Photography Gallery in partnership with Lumiere Photo, Denison Creative and PixleIPRESERVE  are calling for submissions for the Portfolio Showcase 2012.


Submitted entries are rolling in for the juried Portfolio Showcase 2012. The first deadline is approaching -- after June 3, the entry fee increases to $35 per entry.

This is our fourth year for the Portfolio Showcase. With a total value of $5000 in prizes and the opportunity to win the Grand Prize, we think that you will continue to find this initiative fun, challenging and attractive. Fun, because we ask you to submit a full portfolio of 8 (no more, no fewer) images that represent a specific theme (preferred) or the variety of your best work. Challenging, because only the best 8 full portfolios will be shown at the Gallery during the exhibit. Attractive, because, in addition to the exhibition of their work at the Gallery, and with thanks to our Sponsors, each of the 8 winners will receive a $200 award certificate applicable towards purchase of any of the many products and services offered by Lumiere Photo and PixelPRESERVE.  Also, each winner will receive a complimentary hardbound copy of the limited-edition, high-quality show catalogue, specially designed and produced by Denison Creative and PixelPreserve and depicting all photographs from the winning portfolios. The catalogue will be available for all to purchase commemorating the artists' accomplishments.


Click Here for full details and the entry form for your submission.

The same information is available at Image City Photography Gallery, Lumiere Photo, Denison Creative, and PixelPRESERVE.
 If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at  


We all look forward to receiving your submission by June 16, 2012 at the latest - see details at the link above. 


Steve Levinson, Gallery Partner,

Chairman of the Portfolio Showcase 2012

Gallery Learning Experiences
Courses and Workshops at Image City 


We are down to the last two courses and workshops for the Spring Session. There remain openings in two upcoming Courses and Workshops at Image City. For the past few year's visitors to Image City Photography Gallery have encouraged us to provide learning experiences to enhance their understanding of photographic techniques or photo editing tools. We are pleased with the response to our second series of Gallery Learning Experiences.


Click Here to visit the Image City website for full description of the courses and workshops offered. Be sure to sign up early, the number of participants for the courses and workshops is limited. There is no mail-in or online registration. Please visit the Gallery to sign up for courses. We accept checks, cash, or credit cards.


Note that the previous Preparing a Portfolio course by Bruno Chalifour was sold out. We have added another session that will meet on May 31. Close-Up and Macro Photography with Lois Trieb runs her workshop on June 9, 10, and 12. One-on-one Coaching with Gallery Partners is also available. See the link for details.

Image City Critiques

At Image City on Wednesday, June 6 at 7pm

Each month, we enjoy a good turnout for Image City Critiques, our free program at Image City to provide participants an opportunity to engage in a friendly, constructive, and positive critique and review of their photographs. The sessions are held on the first Wednesday of the month. Join us for the next on Wednesday, June 6th from 7:00-9:00 pm. 
The assignment for this session is to bring a print of one of your best images. No larger than will fit on an 8.5x11 paper, please. Feel free to print with your printer.  You can also go to Lumiere Photo, a sponsor for the Portfolio Showcase 2012, for a quality print. Other options include Walmart, Walgreens, or several other outlets. We will set up a long table and view all of these before we put them up on the screen. Of course that means we will need a digital file as well. Please send it to Gil before June 6th. We will spend some time discussing the details of printing your own photographs. This will include computer setups, printers, papers, and paper profiles. Please bring your questions. See you then.
Calendar of Events
Image City Photography Gallery, 722 University Avenue 


June 1 - First Friday Gallery Night at Image City, 6 - 9pm
June 6 - Image City Critiques at Image City 7 - 9pm
June 10- Last day of Sequesences by David Moog
June 13 - Opening Day for Bruce Bennett's exhibit
June 15 - Artists' Reception 5 - 8:30 pm
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