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Issue: # 23 October 19, 2009

We take this opportunity to let you know about our exhibits with a brief newsletter describing the shows, passing along some photo tips and other items of interest. We will also enjoy pointing out some exceptional photographs for you. We hope you enjoy it and have an opportunity to visit each of our 13 shows at Image City in 2009.

In This Issue
"Out and About" by George, Jessica, and David Wallace
Peter Marr's Picks from the Current Show
WoW!! Our 2010 Juried Theme Show
Gary Thompson's Photo Tip
Special Exhibit - All Sales Commissions Donated to CDS
Calendar of Upcoming Events at Image City
Out and About - by George, Jessica, and David Wallace

Current Show Runs Through Sunday, November 1

Barn by WallaceOut and About by Gallery Partner George Wallace is our current exhibit. George, together with his daughter, Jessica, and son, David, has produced photographs that Peter Marr describes as "a truly excellent and uplifting show, with an incredible diversity of beautiful and thought-provoking images." Jessica, with a graduate degree in film had done film editing for PBS and the Peace Corps. David is a physician and Fellow at the University of Pittsburgh in Critical Care. Guest Photographers are Dewey Fladd, Marty Guenther, and Mark C. Jones. There is also an exhibit by Camera Rochester photographer's award winning images including Donald Dunn, Steve Malloy Desormeaux, Elaine Nusbaum, Andris Silins, Fran Smith, and Lois Trieb. We are also pleased to have an exhibit by the CDS Photo Club - see the following article for more details about this exhibit. 
Rounding out the exhibit are photographs by Artists-in-Residence Jim Patton and David Perlman as well as by Gallery Partners Joel Krenis, Gil Maker, Don Menges, Dan Neuberger, Betsy Phillips, Gary Thompson, Phyllis Thompson, and Sheridan Vincent. Twenty-four photographers will show you a very diverse collection of exceptional photographs. For full details of the show click here where you will find a link for our "Preview of the Show" and also the Peter's Picks link. 
Picks of the Show
Peter Marr Picks his Favorites from the Exhibit

In a regular feature for our newsletter, each show we invite Peter Marr to pick his favorite photographs from the work of the featured and guest photographers. He rises to the difficult  challenge to select from so many fine photographs. Excerpts from Peter's discussion are included here, but, you will want to go to the webpage link to see larger images and the full write-up; or even better yet, stop by the gallery to see them in person.
Dew on the Bow by George WallaceCommenting on George Wallace's wonderful exhibit, Peter picked Dew on the Bow (image right) commenting that "George has many lovely scenic and 'people' pictures in this exhibition, but I have chosen this image because it is my favorite print, and it truly illustrates his artistic and visual skills. This powerful, stellar print is a priceless example of how a simple subject has been transformed and uplifted into a great image." 
Mid Day Meeting by Jessica WallacePeter's next selection is one by Jessica Wallace:  "Jessica's images have a sublime quality and artistic style that must make her father proud of the help and direction that he has given her for her quest for excellence in photography. Jessica's pictures have a beautiful, intimate quality, and 'capturing the moment' is certainly her forte, values which are especially illustrated in Mid Day Meeting" shown below.
Warehouse #2 by David WallacePeter felt that David Wallace's was "haunting images of the decaying industrial factories surrounding Pittsburgh, set in once pristine and lush landscapes, are expressive photographs not just to intensely look at, but also to feel, smell, and listen to every sound they conjure up....David has masterfully and artistically captured the despair and the demise of the steel industry with these memorable images." Warehouse #2 is shown at the right.

Blue Agate Crystal by Jim DusenSelecting the images from Jim Dusen's exhibit in the East Gallery, Peter concluded that "in Jim's astonishing show, he has skillfully revealed some of nature's hidden secrets, so that we all can experience another world of sublime beauty. Intricate shapes, vibrant colors, delicate textures, amazing designs, these micro landscapes have an artistry and elegance that rival and often surpass the nature's resplendence that we are used to experiencing. Blue Agate Crystal is featrued here at the right.
Drive In Entrance by Dewey FladdCommenting on a photograph by Dewey Fladd, Peter notes that "Dewey's wonderful images of iIconic Americana' are superbly seen, photographed and presented. In Drive-in Entrance, he has truly captured a magical moment of a fast fading monument to an entertainment pastime that has been loved by many generations."
Webster Pier by CDS Photo ClubPeter's comments on the CDS Photo Club begin with a tribute saying that "This exhibition is an incredible tribute to the undeniable success of the Art Therapy program at CDS. These enlightened images, wonderfully show how volunteers, supported by a CDS Behavior Therapist, have brought out and enhanced the artistic and coordination skills in individuals with developmental disabilities. These individuals must feel very proud of their accomplishments when they see the end results of their endeavors. The prints on display would make any photographer honored to have taken them, and any viewer delighted to have seen and studied them."

Thank you Peter Marr, for such a wonderful effort on this feature of our gallery and newsletter.
WoW!! - Our 2010 Juried Theme Show - A Reminder
The Last Day for Submissions is November 14 (October 31 for a Reduced Fee)
WoW!! Theme ShowThe announcement of the IMAGE CITY 2010 Third Juried Show - WOW !! is generating a lot of interest among the photography community and we have received the first submissions. I suspect that a majority of you are still in the of process of making your selections. If not, now is the time to start. Remember the final date for submission is November 14, 2009 but October 31, 2009 is the deadline for the reduced submission fee. All details and the submission form are available at the website of Image City
WOW !! is the theme of this 2010 Juried show because this is what the visitors will say when they see your winning photograph. We have chosen this theme to be inclusive of a wide range of genre, technique and your creativity.
Exciting, isn't it? So hurry up, select your photographs and mail your submission (images with submission form and fees) or bring it to the Gallery.
If you have any question, please feel free to contact me at or by phone at 585-271-2540.
All Gallery Partners  look forward to receiving your submission, making this, our third Juried Show, a success that is even bigger than the two previous years.
Daniel Crozet, Gallery Partner
Chairman of the 2010 Juried Show
Gary Thompson's Photo Tip of the Month
Rainbow Images
Grand Rainbow by Gary ThompsonThere is a tendency when shooting rainbows to use wide or ultra wide angle lenses in order to capture the entire arc of a rainbow. This, however, reduces the size of the components of a landscape and generally diminishes the impact of the scene. The rainbow colors themselves are rendered thin and distant in the image. In order to better capture and thicken the spectrum colors of the rainbow and to increase the impact, I like to use a long lens and emphasize the rainbow against a prominent subject in a landscape. 

A couple of years back I was photographing the Grand Canyon during a rainstorm  when suddenly a beautiful rainbow developed.  My  first reaction was to use a wide-angle lens and to include the entire arch and as much of the Grand Canyon under the colorful arc as possible. When I looked through my viewfinder it became apparent that I was not capturing the magnitude nor the magnificence of the rainbow or the canyon. It suddenly occurred to me that I should include only a section of of the rainbow and canyon that seemed to have particularly good lighting.  I quickly changed my wide-angle lens for my 100-400 mm zoom lens and ultimately zoomed it out to a 400-mm focal length. I knew instantly that this created a much more powerful way to capture the beauty and magnificence of both the rainbow and canyon. I carefully recorded the image with my camera locked securely on a solid tripod using full polarization, mirror lock-up, and a cable release.  Using a long lens and isolating a portion of the rainbow and landscape minimized the component elements but maximized their impact.

Click Here to see a larger version of  the image Grand Rainbow and to catch up on past "Gary's Tips".
Sales during this Exhibit will benefit CDS
Continuing Developmental Services
Continuing Developmental Serviced (CDS) is a not-for-profit agency dedicated to supporting individual with developmental disabilities in Rochester and its surrounding counties. In addition to featuring an exhibit by the CDS Photo Club, Image City Photography Gallery is a proud sponsor of the CDS Foundations's Celebration of Arts and Abilities. The gallery will forgo its commission from sales during this show to allow the exhibiting artists to donated their normal commissions to the CDS Foundation.
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November 1, 2009 Last day of Out and About   by George, Jessica, and David Wallace 
November 4, 2009 First day of the show On the Road Again  by Gary and Phyllis Thompson and Friends 
November 6, 2009 Artists' Reception, On the Road Again 5 - 8:30pm. It is also First Friday Gallery Night.

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