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Issue: # 22 September 20, 2009

We take this opportunity to let you know about our exhibits with a brief newsletter describing the shows, passing along some photo tips and other items of interest. We will also enjoy pointing out some exceptional photographs for you. We hope you enjoy it and have an opportunity to visit each of our 13 shows at Image City in 2009.

In This Issue
Rochester Mosaic by Sheridan Vincent
Peter Marr's Picks from the Current Show
WoW!! Our 2010 Juried Theme Show
Gary Thompson's Photo Tip
Two New Photography Books
Calendar of Upcoming Events at Image City
Rochester Mosaic - by Sheridan Vincent

Current Show Runs Through Sunday, October 4

Warm Lights, Cool City by Sheridan Vincent 
Rochester Mosaic by Gallery Partner Sheridan Vincent is our current exhibit. Sheridan has pieced together an exhibit of many photographs of Rochester - many from unusual vantage points. You will need to stop in the gallery to see his interesting interpretation of a photographic mosaic. In the East Gallery Joe Woody has a wonderful exhibit of nature photographs. Additional Guest Photographers are James Burton, Mike Edwards, Tim Fuss, Donita Painter, and Don Race. There is also an exhibit by Camera Rochester photographers award winning images including Sue Alden, Ben Barlow, James Burton, Jeno Horvath, Sheila Nelson, and Michelle Turner.  
Rounding out the exhibit are photographs by Artists-in-Residence Jim Patton and David Perlman and Gallery Partners Joel Krenis, Gil Maker, Don Menges, Dan Neuberger, Betsy Phillips, Gary Thompson, Phyllis Thompson, and George Wallace. Twenty-three photographers offer you an very diverse collection of exceptional photographs. For full details of the show click here where you will find a link for our "Preview of the Show" and also the Peter's Picks link. 
Picks of the Show
Peter Marr Picks his Favorites from the Exhibit

In a regular feature for our newsletter, each show we invite Peter Marr to pick his favorite photographs from the work of the featured and guest photographers. It is always a challenge for Peter to select from so many fine photographs. Excerpts from Peter's discussion are included here, but, you will want to go to the webpage link to see larger images and the full write-up; or better yet, stop by the gallery to see them in person.
O'Rorke Bridge at Dusk by Sheridan Vincent
Peter described the Rochester Mosaic show "This will surely be a month to celebrate Rochester, and I hope everyone from far and wide in this great city will visit the gallery. With this exhibition, they will get an incredible appreciation of the grandeur and beauty of Rochester that very few have seen or taken in, with gracious thanks to Sheridan, whose artistic vision and consummate photographic talents have given us an exhibition par excellence." The photograph at right is O'Rorke Bridge at Dusk, one of numerous winter photographs.
Peter picked a series of three photographs titled Fox Hunting from the nature photographs by Joe Woody --"This series of images is virtually impossible to plan, and are not the result of just being in the right place at the right time. Nature photographers have to blend with the environment, like a fish in water, and this collage, as well as Joe's other first rate images, Fox Hunting 1 by Joe Woodyare a great tribute to his knowledge, patience and alertness in recording these precious moments in nature." The photograph at left is the first photo in the collage, check out the weblink below to see the full series and see the fox's success.
Peter's next picks are by Don Race -- Kayaker below "is an excellent image caught in peak action, as the racer uses all his strength and skill to battle the raging white-water.  Here .... everything is frozen in time and almost every element in the picture is impressively clear, sharp and detailed." Peter also picked Don's F15E Strike Eagle (see at the link below) writing that 'the stellar image of the Strike Eagle is just an amazing print, an impressive tribute to the author's technical and artistic skills. The F15E, flying low and at high speed at the air show has been photographically captured in high detail, just asKayaker by Don Race though it were sitting on the ground."  
One of the exhibits at Image City is photographs taken by Rochester associates of the International Sister Cities of Rochester. Peter commented on three photographs including Roger Hart's photo, below, of a street festival at Hamamatsu, Japan noting the "fascinating two images of the annual Hamamatsu Kite Festival, which truly captures the spirit, rivalry, and enthusiasm of the three day event." See Peter's full description - click here - and two other pick from the series.
by Roger Hart
We again thank Peter Marr, who, with assistance by his wife, does such a wonderful job for this feature of our gallery.

WoW!! - Announcing the Theme for our 2010 Juried Theme Show
The Last Day for Submissions is November 14
WoW!! Theme ShowFollowing the successes of our previous juried theme shows, Image City is pleased to announce that we will be holding the third, 2010 Juried Theme Show in January. The theme for the show is "WoW!!, The theme has been chosen to be inclusive of a wide range of genre, technique, and creativity, not as an assignment theme. We call on all photographers to consider participating with their submissions. Selected images will be displayed at the gallery during January 2010. Detail click here for all information and for the entry form, which is also available at the Gallery. We are pleased to announce that the weekend reception will be sponsored by Hahn Photographic. If you have any questions, please contact Daniel Crozet, chairman of the 2010 Juried Show at
Gary Thompson's Photo Tip of the Month
Shoot the Seasons
Spring Sunrise at Great Bend by Gary ThompsonWhen you find a good photo location that you enjoy visiting, as expressed in an earlier tip of the month, revisit, revisit, & revisit until you become intimate with that location. Then really have some fun by intentionally using these revisitations to capture the nuances of the different seasons. There are few places equal to upstate New York for enjoying four distinct photogenic seasons. Our Springs are refreshingly beautiful. Our Summers are lush and green. Our Autumns can be vividly colorful, and our winters can be delicately white and pristine. To top off the varying seasons is the fact that the weather and lighting will almost always be different. We in the Rochester area really live in an outdoor photographer's paradise.
The Great Bend area of the Genesee River in Letchworth State Park has always fascinated me. I began shooting the "S" curves of the river from many Autumn Sunrise at Great Bend by Gary Thompsonvantage points several years ago. One of my favorite positions utilizes two trees for framing the sides of an image used in harmony with a slanted rim foreground. When the light is right  I have been able to capture some excellent images at this location. One Spring, during the last week of April, light bathed a row of trillium lining the cliff's edge and I was able to record an early morning image.  Motivated by my Spring success, I returned several times during that year's Fall season and on one day was fortunate to catch fog in the canyon during peak foliage with soft diffused lighting. I often exhibit these two images side by side and both have sold well. On a few occasions they have been purchased as a pair. I have been working on a winter image at this location  but will never quite be able to achieve the same perspective because the wonderful "Tree of Character"  on the right of the frame has recently fallen into the gorge. I have lost a true friend. I titled the two images Spring Sunrise at Great Bend and similarly  Autumn Sunrise at Great Bend.

Click Here to see a larger version of  the two images Spring Sunrise at Great Bend and Sunrise at Great Bend.
Two Books: Rochester Mosaic and Portfolio Showcase 2009
Catalogs of the Current and Last Exhibit 
The more than 60 images in Sheridan Vincent's exhibit are included in a catalog of the Rochester Mosaic show. He designed the layout for the book that was printed by Lumiere Photo.
We also still have books available from our recent exhibit the Portfolio Showcase 2009 where all of the photographs displayed in that show at Image City are included in the book produced for the show. Each of the selected photographers' portfolios as well as Image City and Lumiere Photo photographers have contributed to a wonderfully produced book at a bargin price. The design and layout of the book was done by Katherine Denison of Lumiere Photo, where the book was printed. Lumiere Photo was the sponsor for the Portfolio Showcase 2009. The book is available at Image City for $15. These books would be great addition to your library of photography books and your purchase would also help support the Gallery!
Image City Photography Gallery
October 2, 2009 First Friday Gallery Night.- link for more details

October 4, 2009 Last day of Rochester Mosaic  by Sheridan Vincent, et. al.
October 7, 2009 First day of the show Out and About  by George, Jessica, and David Wallace
October 9, 2009 Artists' Reception, Out and About  5 - 8:30pm
November 1, 2009 Last day of Out and About

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