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Image City Photography Gallery

Information for Exhibitors

Congratulations on your upcoming exhibit at Image City Photography Gallery. For the exhibit to come together we need some timely information from you and encourage your careful reading of the following requests. Please let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to your participation in another successful exhibit at Image City.


Three weeks weeks before the show please provide:

For the Featured-wall artist, five images from the show delivered to the gallery via email or CD. Images should be 300 dpi and five inches on the longest edge. Send to Dan Neuberger with a copy to Gil Maker and Sheridan Vincent. These images are used for promotion. Dan Neuberger, dano1@rochester.rr.com; Gil Maker, gmaker@mac.com, and Sheridan Vincent svincent@frontiernet.net.

For the Guest Artists, one image at 300 pixels for the longest side at screen resolution, 72dpi, or we can resize it to Sheridan Vincent svincent@frontiernet.net so that it can be included on our "Preview of the Show" webpage. Please include the title of the photo.


One week before the show please provide:

  1. An inventory sheet listing the title of all images to be shown at the gallery.

  2. Label information. Place information for each image on a separate line with a colon between each piece of information, as follows:

"title of image in quotation marks "the medium" of presentation (c-print, archival inkjet print, etc.), your name (as you wish it to appear, in capitals), the sale price of the image.

  1. Bio/artist statement. 150-200 words should suffice.

  2. A photo of yourself (casual is fine) Jpeg format, 300 dots per inch.

  3. Nametag information. Exact spelling of your name and the name of anyone whom you wish to have a nametag at the opening reception.

  4. One of your images for display on the Image City website. Format: 300 pixels in the longest dimension and screen resolution of 72dpi. For the featured-wall artist three images will be selected from the five images previously submitted.

Please email this information to Gil Maker gmaker@mac.com one week before your show’s opening.

On the Sunday before your show opens (between 4:30PM and 6:00PM) 

  1. Bring matted and framed images to the gallery for installation.

  2. Install your work (with guidance from a gallery curator)

  3. Complete all contract paperwork and pay any outstanding exhibition  fees.

  4. Pick up cards and posters for distribution to family and friends.

Opening Reception

On the first Friday of your show there will be a reception from 5:00PM to 8:30PM. This reception is free, open to the public, and will be promoted by the gallery in the press, with cards and posters, at the gallery website, in the gallery newsletter, and in a new show announcement. You will have the opportunity to promote the reception by distributing cards/posters and by sending electronic invitations via email.

  1. Arrive at gallery at 5:00PM

  2. Put on your nametag

  3. Mingle

Reminder to bring a dish of food for the reception (if you have chosen that option).


Please collect your images from the gallery on the last Sunday of your show after closing time between 4:00PM and 4:15PM. This will allow the next show's exhibitors to begin installing their images at 4:30 PM


Matting and Framing

All images should be matted and framed to meet gallery standards. In general, this means professional frames (of the Nielson or other type) and white, gray, or black archival mats. Frames should have a wire on the back for installation. If you have any questions about this, contact a gallery curator for guidance.



Gallery Contacts

Gallery : 585-271-2540

Promotion: Dan Neuberger, 585-482-1976, dano1@rochester.rr.com;

Labels, bios, etc.: Gil Maker, 585-473-2635, gmaker@mac.com

Website, newsletter, etc.: Sheridan Vincent, 585-472-2005 svincent@frontiernet.net

Reception: Phyllis or Gary Thompson, 585-334-7302  grtphoto@rochester.rr.com


Image City Photography Gallery  ♦   722 University Avenue  ♦   Rochester, NY 14607 ♦ 585.271.2540
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