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Image City

Pittsford Flour Mill
15 Schoen Place, Pittsford, NY

1600 East Avenue
Rochester, NY

Irondequoit Public Library
1290 Titus Avenue


Image City Photography Gallery

Gallery Courses 2017

We are proud to continue our series of Gallery Courses. Please visit the Gallery to sign up for courses. We accept checks, cash, or credit cards. 

Contents (click on the link for each course)



Image City Critiques 
With Don Menges and Gil Maker
1st Wednesday of each Month

Just One Flash

with Don Menges

Saturday, February 25th
9:00am – 12:00pm
Image City Photography Gallery
$25 payable at the gallery

One-On-One Coaching
With Select Gallery Partners
Gallery Partners


Just One Flash

A Course from the Image City Photography Gallery with Don Menges

Saturday, February 25, 9am - 12pm at Image City

strobeYou cannot believe all the stuff you can do with just one flash! Join Don Menges as he starts from scratch and covers everything you need to know to get the kind of images you’ve always dreamed of when using your speedlite flash. You’ve got to embrace your flash, and in this class Don shares all the things he’s learned over time to teach you the settings to use, how to control your flash wirelessly, how to diffuse the light, and how to do it all with a small investment.

 This class contains a live, “studio” shoot that demonstrates how to put all of these concepts and equipment to work for you, both indoors and out. Your flash is a great instrument, and with the right settings, the right accessories, and the right attitude you will find it a tool you cannot go without.





   Wireless Systems

   Camera Settings

   Diffusing the Light

   Using a Softbox

   Studio Shooting

   On Location Settings



No equipment is needed for the class. If you want to continue, you will need the following…. 

Equipment (minimum)
A Speedlite  $40-$500
Wireless Transmitter  $20-$300 ($80)
Diffuser $20

 Equipment (optional)
Light Stand(s)  $15-$60 ($20)
Speedlite Light Stand Mount - $12
Light Stand Clamp - $15
Softbox - $39 - $300  ($39)


Contact: Don Menges dmenges@rochester.rr.com for more information.


Image City Critiques

Instructor:  Gil Maker and Don Menges

Dates: the 1st Wednesday of Each Month
Time:  6:30 pm

Location: Image City Photography Gallery

Each month we enjoy a good turnout for Image City Critiques, our program at Image City to provide participants an opportunity to engage in a friendly, constructive, and positive critique and review of their photographs. The sessions are held on the first Wednesday of the month. Join us. Please bring prints only; matted if possible.  There is often an assignment for the group. Check in with Don Menges for the current assignment for the next session. dmenges@rochester.rr.com

Photography Coaches

Each of the Gallery Partners at Image City has their own unique style both behind the camera and in the “digital darkroom.”  Several Partners have offered specific one-on-one coaching opportunities. If you are interested in some one-on-one coaching by a Gallery Partner other than the ones listed below, or on a topic that we have not suggested, simply approach one of us with your request. 

Introduction or Practice:

- Adobe Lightroom
- Adobe Photoshop
- Nik Software or Topaz
- Photography Basics

Instructor:  Dick Bennett
Date(s), time, and location: To be determined by instructor and student.
Fee: $40 per hour


Did you recently purchase any one of the above software packages and desire some one-on-one coaching to introduce or practice intermediate skills for the application?

Did you recently purchase a new camera or want some assistance with taking photographs?

This coaching will include a mutually determined schedule of dates and hours for instruction and practice on mutually agreeable topics.

For more information contact Dick at info@dickbennettphotos.com

          Photography - General

            Instructor: Gil Maker
            Dates: To be determined by instructor and student.
Time: tbd
Location: to be determined by the instructor and student.
Fee: $40 per hour

            Are you looking for regular critiques? Do you want hands on help with
equipment? Maybe you wish to shadow the person for a day, a week, on a
shoot. Or just need someone to help you with a new direction in
            photography. Whatever the case, this series can help. Get personal
feedback with one-on-one time. You and Gil will work together on
whatever it is you wish to work on during this mentoring time.

Intermediate Lightroom

            Instructor: Steve Levinson
Dates: To be determined by instructor and student.
Time: tbd
Location: to be determined by the instructor and student.
Fee: $45 per hour

            Steve Levinson will be working on an individual basis with photographers
            who wish to improve their skills and abilities using Adobe Lightroom.
            Sessions can take place at your home or at a mutually acceptable location
(assuming that you have a laptop to bring to the sessions). Subjects can
            range from a basic introduction to the software to working with you to
             improve your creative and technical mastery of the software. Single or
             multiple sessions can be scheduled.


Image City Photography Gallery  ♦   722 University Avenue  ♦   Rochester, NY 14607 ♦ 585.271.2540
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